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Brought To Light

Documenting the coincidence of two recent trends. Firstly, the rapid loss of general awareness about the light sensitive nature of traditional photographic materials. Second, the bazaar like display nature of online sales, where clear and comprehensive photos of the items stand in for the ability to directly view and examine the goods.

The images and text gathered here are from online sales where the people selling the photographic items seemingly have no idea that they are ruining them by exposing them to light when photographing them. When I find examples of this I collect them and add them here. Essentially, this is grim black humour for film photographers. I started gathering this evidence in 2010 and it is ongoing in 2015. april ilford paper open 500px.jpg june agfa paper 500px.jpg june ilford paper opened 500px.jpg june lford cooltone open 500px.jpg paper multiple open 500px.jpg april hp5 open box 500px.jpg  box for web.jpg box for web.jpg brought to light web 500px.jpg Kodak RC two boxes 2011 Oct.jpg feb vintage Kodabromide paper.jpg plusx 1 for web.jpg plusx 3 for web.jpg may Ilford paper box open 500px.jpg may ilford paper open 500px.jpg oct seven cans cinema film 500px.jpg april kentmere paper box.jpg aug bulk portra 3 panels web1500.jpg feb sweden Panalure.jpg feb Sweden process film.jpg march surveillance film A.jpg march surveillance film B.jpg march surveillance film C.jpg rolls of colour paper WEB plus text BTL.jpg paper roll web and text BTL.jpg web plus text plusX a BTL.jpg web plus text plus x b BTL.jpg sizes film out of box web and text BTL.jpg Azo open pic sept 10 web plus text bTL.jpg plates web and text BTL.jpg plates web and text BTL.jpg web and text BTL.jpg paper web and text BTL.jpg plates goo web and text BTL.jpg azo web and text BTL.jpg stanley plates web and text BTL.jpg