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The Collection of a Gentleman was a project that I worked on from mid 2007 until late 2008. As I travelled to various countries I would have my portrait drawn by the street portrait artists who specialised in realistic portraits (as opposed to caricatures). My main curiosity was to see what multiple portraits of the same person would look like when gathered together. Typically we only see one portrait of a person, and make assumptions about their character and appearance based on this, even though we are aware that the subjectivity and style of the artist would be a significant factor. However if we place too much weight on this we might start to regard portraits as being unreliable. These portraits are as much about the artists as they are the subject. They were made in Sydney, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi, Chiang Mai and Bangkok.
Another interesting aspect is the global spread of the traditional western European model of mimetic portraiture. Across all these countries the model, or schema, is essentially the same although there are stylistic differences.
The final 44 portraits were exhibited in Sydney at the Sydney Antique Centre in May 2009 and at Horus & Deloris gallery, Pyrmont in April 2010. and deloris gentleman website documentation.jpg
Horus & Deloris, April 2010 070617 paddys 1 500px.jpg
Sydney, 2007 070805 paddys 2 500px.jpg 070812 paddys 3 500px.jpg 070921 rocks full 500px.jpg 070922 paddys 4 500px.jpg 071104 portrait paddys 500px.jpg 071208 portrait paddys 500px.jpg 071209 portrait paddys 500px.jpg 071209 B portrait paddys 500px.jpg 071216 santa monica 1 500px.jpg
Los Angeles, Dec 2007 071216 venice 500px.jpg 071216 santa monica 2 500px.jpg 071222 alameda 500px.jpg
Mexico City, 2007/08 080106 innocente 500px.jpg 0801 roma 500px.jpg 080112 coyoacan 500px.jpg 080120 enrique 500px.jpg 080126 santa monica 1 500px.jpg
Los Angeles, Jan 2008 080126 venice big 500px.jpg 080126 santa monica 2 500px.jpg 080203 paddys 500px.jpg
Sydney, 2008 080709 KL1 500px.jpg
Kuala Lumpur, 2008 kl2 080710 bintang 500px.jpg KL3 080710 500px.jpg KL4 080711 500px.jpg KL5 080713 Nick 500px.jpg KL6 080713 500px.jpg 080718 Hanoi1 500px.jpg
Hanoi, 2008 Hanoi2 080718 500px.jpg hanoi 500px.jpg 080720 hanoi4 500px.jpg 080720 hanoi5 500px.jpg 080720 hanoi6 500px_v2.jpg 080725 hanoi7 500px.jpg 080725 hanoi8 500px.jpg 080726 hanoi9 500px.jpg 080803 chiang mai1 500px.jpg
Chiang Mai, 2008 080803 Chiang Mai2 500px.jpg 080803 chiang mai3 500px.jpg  080807 bangkok MBK 500px.jpg
Bangkok, 2008 0880807 bangkok nana 500px.jpg 080809 chatuchak 500px.jpg  080809 chatuchak 500px.jpg one_MG_4167 500px.jpg
Sydney Antique Centre one corner_MG_4185 500px.jpg
Room 1 2 corner_MG_4292 500px.jpg
Room 2